Cream Cheese, Cool Whip and Pineapple Dream Dessert


    We haven't put a lot of pineapple recipes on this website but we couldn't resist when we found this one. We actually made it last weekend for the first time and fell in love with it. It takes less then 30 minutes to make and then you put in the refrigerator for a few hours. Perfect for a hot summer day!


    Desserts that have cream cheese and cool whip in them are our soft spot. Not all of them taste as good as this one but that's okay because this dessert will make up for any you have made that you weren't to impressed with. Trust us on this one…or rather trust our readers. Over 100,000 people have liked this recipe since we first posted it. Must be good!

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    609 thoughts on “Cream Cheese, Cool Whip and Pineapple Dream Dessert

    1. Been trying to find this forever. My Auntie gave me it once and somehow of course I LOST IT… It is sooo dang good. Not the greatest for diets but if you have a sweet tooth and love pineapple this is one that works both ways.

    2. Bake a yellow cake as is on the box, cool it ,mix together cream cheese and cool whip together have bannans,pineapples topping is easy,nuts,cherry, extra cool whip, break cake pieces put a layer of cake on the bottom then cream cheese mix then bananas, pineapple topping and nuts slice our cherry up repeated three to four times basic on the size of dish u us on top after very thing spread the extra cool whip us nut topping after that put in fridge until you ready to eat it when i was ready to eat it well I didn’t get a spoon of it was all gone and I us cake fix cause it moisture and last long then graham crackers or the wafers if you can found pineapple and bananas extract mix in the cream cheese and cool whip just a tsp each only and most bake stores has it some grocery store to not all of them try this out easy to make it then me written this out lol hope this helps you ms Robin jones-kermmoade

    3. I made this today, I altered the recipe, just used the cream cheese and cool whip added shredded coconut, a little coconut sugar and a I/2 tsp vanilla…blended all the drained pineapple with cream cheese mixture, spread on graham cracker crust and sprinkled remaining crushed BC crumbs…may have lessened the fat and calories by omitting butter and confectionery sugar…tastes delicious.

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